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What if your divorce was actually a gift? The Divorced Women’s Guide podcast aims to change the conversation around divorce, helping women (and men) start the new best chapter in their lives. After all, divorce can be more than a transition phase, it can be an empowering experience. And through the conversations on the podcast you’ll come away with a new perspective, so you can turn your divorce into the best gift you’ve ever been given.

Aug 26, 2020

Going through a divorce doesn’t just make us question ourselves, it can also shake our faith tremendously. It’s normal to ask our Higher Power why this is happening to us, and what we did to deserve this pain. 

It can feel like the Universe is working against us, and that can make us want to turn our back on our faith, but this is when we need it the most. Faith is how we see past our temporary darkness and believe in the light ahead of us. Faith is how we stop being a victim of divorce and realize that this is happening to help us, not hurt us. 

You’re meant for more than your unhappy marriage, and you’re meant for more than the pain you’re experiencing right now. When we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, all we can do is step out on the faith of knowing that the Universe has our back. 

How can we lean into our faith as we go through a divorce? Why is it so important for us not to hold onto fear and suffering? In this episode, I share how our relationship with our faith can shift in divorce, and how we can find healing through it. 


Faith is knowing the solution is already chosen for you and you will be guided to it at the right moment. -Wendy Sterling


3 Things You’ll Love About This Episode 

  • How faith is the ultimate healer 
    If we decide to see our divorce through a lens of suffering, and feel like God or the Universe is allowing this to happen to us, we’ll become fear-focused. This usually leads us to reach for short-term ways to fix or numb the pain. Faith is the long-term solution to truly heal from the pain. 

  • How to practice your faith in a divorce
    Faith is all about trusting the journey and surrendering to not knowing what’s next, but knowing that the Universe is doing this for us, not to us. Our divorce may be painful, but there’s something beautiful on the other side. In order to surrender, we have to detach from the outcome and trust the journey.  

  • What my divorce taught me about surrender
    I used to think the word surrender meant giving up, that it was a sign of weakness and defeat. After going through my divorce, I’ve learned that surrendering means stepping into faith and trusting that everything will work out to make us better. This is where we find our healing.