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24 END TIME PROPHECIES with Pastor Rick Blomgren

Mar 24, 2023

We are in the last days of the end times!  The deceiver is diligently creating doubts regarding God’s biblical truths! In the church today a new debate on evolution and the dinosaurs is causing internal divisions…Satan’s desire! GOD OFFERS BIBLICAL CLARITY!

Mar 22, 2023

How can we filter out what see happening in our world?  When we pray and place our trust in God, like David has expressed in Psalms, we can obtain comfort in these evil times.  Through trust in God, we have nothing to be afraid of and a great deal to give thanks for!

Mar 21, 2023

In March of 2023, Saudi Arabia abandoned the United States as an ally! They have aligned with Iran, Russia, and China! Why? Because in their eyes, the administration in Washington is not trustworthy!It was a matter of choosing the better of two evils…Iran!

Mar 16, 2023

Everywhere we look the world seems to be falling apart. How we react to this depends on our trust in God regarding His plan for fixing this problem. We also need to trust that He knows what He is doing! God tells us that evil will soon be put to shame!

Mar 15, 2023

It always seems that wicked people seem to win in this life. This is because the world is ruled by the evil one for a short remaining time!  Through Jesus He surrounds believers with favor as if a shield!  We have nothing to fear…REJOICE!