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Brothers of the Serpent

Jul 26, 2017

We explore the strange and interesting Mystery of the Maps; Portolano Projection maps made during the 15th and 16th century that appear to contain information incongruous with the state of cartographic and navigational knowledge and ability at the time. We explain "the problem of Longitude" which wasn't overcome until the late 1800s, yet there exist many 16th and 17th century maps with areas of very precise longitude, better than anything we could do up to as recently as the 1950s.
We also outline the work of Dr. Charles Hapgood, who studied many of these maps currently housed in the Congressional Library, who went on to publish a book called "Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings"

We also delve into the original Grail legend, wandering the vast and intimidating labyrinth of Grail Lore and esoterica, until eventually we surprise everyone(ourselves included) by emerging into the light on the other side with a possible solution to this age-old mystery.