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Progressive Podcast Australia

Jun 3, 2014

- Coggo from the Melbourne Street Medic Collective (Melb SMC) on the Wage Peace Convoy that broke the world record for most protests in one day. - Unfortunately Guinness refused to include them, maybe because theyre too busy reporting on really important records like the most business leaders attending a networking event. - The Wage Peace Convoy did an amazing 29 protests on the day. - One of these was with The First Nation people of Australia, where they demanded that those Indigenous people who perished in the Frontier Wars of Australias genesis be remembered at the Canberra War Memorial. - The other 28 were aimed at those profiting from, and advocating for, war. - The anti-budget protests in Melbourne. - Updates on the tunnel picket actions for rail not roads. - The impact of the use of horses by police both on the horses themselves and protesters. - For more information on this episode and links to all of the stories and clips from it, go to: