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Progressive Podcast Australia

Sep 19, 2014

- On this episode we discuss our recent trip where us farangs (the Thai word for people of European origin) visited Phuket in Thailand. - Kathoeys in Thailand (who are born physiologically male but, as one Thai saying goes, have a female heart) and avoiding transphobia in feminist movements. - Thailand has recently had a military coup and has banned George Orwells book 1984 and we cover this, as well as having a discussion on representative versus direct democracy. - The relationship people have with animals in Thailand compared to Western countries. - Travelling as vegans and anti-consumerists. - Skin whitening products being sold in the supermarkets (rather than the tanning products sold in the West). - The books we read while we were away: Atheism The Case Against God and Buddhism Without Beliefs. - The importance of direct action, discussions on violence and non-violence, and direct action and ableism. - Where to now for the movement for Palestine now there is an indefinite ceasefire. - For more information on this episode and for links to all of the stories and clips from it, go to: