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Progressive Podcast Australia

Jan 10, 2023

 On episode 285 Nick and Lottie evaluate different arguments about identity politics going on within Left/progressive/environmental movements. We do this drawing on the following articles that Nick has written for our blog:

 What Do You Mean By Identity Politics?

 Do You Identify Or Are You Identified?

 This show is a 3CR Summer Special – we encourage everyone to listen to and support 3CR Community Radio!

 We also discuss the band Idles, class and identity:

 Finally, we cover the documentary Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street; and finally the Netflix sketch comedy show I Think You Should Leave, ordinary cosmopolitanism and a new convivial culture.

 Clips: Life is Incredible by Briggs ft Greg Holden, Reverse Racism by Aamer Rahman (from the Fear of a Brown Planet special), Konichiwa by Shoreline ft Koji, Home With You by FKA Twigs.

 For more in-depth show notes, including additional links, go to:

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