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Progressive Podcast Australia

May 14, 2022

On episode 278 we are joined by our friend Lottie to break down the Australian federal election, going from major parties to minors to micro-parties to Independents. More specifically, we discuss Labor failing to challenge the Liberal partys trickle-down economics, positive changes from the Greens regarding an increased focus on addressing cost of living issues and Indigenous representation, how the Teal Independents stack up on climate change and other issues, differences between the socialist parties, the Animal Justice Party and human social justice issues, plus compulsory voting and spanking.
Since we recorded this episode Nick has done a Facebook post regarding how hell be voting: Lottie has looked into some of the minor and micro-parties and will be voting as follows:
Lower House
Lottie is still working out her top 4 but it will be between: Leah Horsfall - Animal Justice Party, Emma Black Vic Socialists, Sue Bolton Socialist Alliance and Sarah Jefford Greens.
5. Peter Khalil (Labor) 6. Tom Wright (Liberals) 7. Sam Sergi (Australian Federation) 8. Irene Zivkovic (United Australia) 9. Jill Tindal (One Nation)
(Vic Socialists, Socialist Alliance and Greens all agree with numbering 5-9)
Lottie is still working out her top 4 but it will be between: Animal Justice Party, Victorian Socialists, Socialist Alliance and Greens.
5. Reason 6. Australian Progressives 7. Fusion: Science, Pirate, Secualr, Climate Emergency (?) 8. Australian Democrats (?) 9. Labor 10. Sustainable Australia (?) 11. Legalise Cannabis Australia 12. LNP
AJP how to vote ( Reason, Greens, Socialist Alliance, Legalise cannabis
Victorian Socialists how to vote ( : Socialist Alliance, Greens, Aus Progressives, AJP, Labor
Socialist Alliance how to vote ( Victorian Socialists, Greens, Reason, Animal Justice, Labor
Greens how to vote ( Vic Socialists, AJP, Legalise Cannabis, Reason, Labor
Vote Climate One ( AJP, Australian Democrats, Australian Greens, Australian Progressives, Fusion: Science, Pirate, Secualr, Climate Emergency, Reason, Socialist Alliance, Sustainable Australia, Victorian Socialists
Websites comparing parties and candidates on climate change and other issues:
Articles and podcasts discussed:
Peter Hannam, Morrisons objection to lifting wages in line with inflation puts spotlight on pensions linked to CPI:
Rachel Withers, VoteSeeker:
Michelle Grattan, View from The Hill: Albaneses 43% emissions reduction target by 2030 has some political cover:
Nick O'Malley, This is what you want on climate action. What you get runs cold:
Amy Nethery, Why teal independents are seeking Liberal voters and spooking Liberal MPs:
Giovanni Torre, Victorian Greens reveal all-Indigenous senate ticket for Federal election:
Aran Mylvaganam on Radical Australia podcast:
Freedom of Species podcast. Bronwyn Currie, Animal Justice Party VIC Lead Senate Candidate:
Clips: Johnson Over For Dinner from Peep Show, McConnell by Proper, The Apocalypse from That Mitchell and Webb Look - Season 2 Episode 5, Credit Card Roulette sketch from I Think You Should Leave (season 2), Blackadder season 4, Ludapalooza - Senator Scott Ludlam DJs at Capitol, Aran Mylvaganam on Radical Australia podcast (link above), Power Down Sound effect, Danger Danger from My Little Pony.
For more in-depth show notes, including additional links, go to:
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