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She Sells He Sells

Feb 26, 2024

Ever feel overwhelmed by all the "shoulds" in business?
Build a personal brand!
Learn storytelling skills!
Master content marketing!
Etc, etc, etc.
It's enough to make you crazy, but what if we told you that there is ONE THING you can do that will make all of those others skills so much easier?!
We're breaking...

Feb 19, 2024

We are celebrating episode 100 AND our new video podcast format by bringing new life into the hot She Sells He Sells debate - can you *really* fake it til you make it?
Krista + Brian have (strong!) differing opinions on this phrase, and we're running a good ol' fashioned debate so you can hear both of...

Feb 12, 2024

We often hear that "content is king", and it only takes a quick scroll on Instagram to find hundreds of gurus that are telling you the same thing.

Yes, content is important in building authority + trust with your audience - but, is it enough to close sales for you?

Krista takes on this topic in this solo episode,...

Feb 5, 2024

Sales + grief might seem like an odd combination, but not once you listen to Hannah Wachter's remarkable story. A longtime ACORN student, Hannah's work on selling herself ON herself came into play at the most unexpected of times - the sudden loss of her sweet mother.

This rich conversation with Krista + Hannah covers so...