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Nobody Told Me!

Aug 31, 2023

Joining us on this episode is Bob Sutton, the New York Times best-selling author of "The Asshole Survival Guide: How to Deal With People Who Treat You Like Dirt". He is also  Professor of Management Science and Engineering and Professor of Organizational Behavior at Stanford University.  His website is 

Aug 30, 2023

If you've experienced the death of a family member or close friend, you know how painful it can be and may wonder if the pain of that loss will ever end. Our guest on this episode, writer Marisa Renee Lee, is the author of a new book on grief that's generating rave reviews from many people, including us.

In her book,...

Aug 29, 2023

Friendship is once again the topic in the second part of our interview with psychotherapist Diane Barth.  This time, we focus on anger, betrayal and competition in friendships. Diane is the author of “I Know How You Feel: The Joy and Heartbreak of Friendship in Women's Lives”. She writes the blog, 'Off the Couch'...

Aug 26, 2023

Friendship is the topic as we talk with Diane Barth, psychotherapist and author of 'I Know How You Feel: The Joy and Heartbreak of Friendship in Women's Lives'.  Her articles have been published in the Clinical Social Work Journal, Psychoanalytic Dialogues, Psychoanalytic Psychology, and other professional journals. 

Aug 25, 2023

On this episode, we’re talking about how to speak, how to listen and why we should polish our skills at both of those things.  We’re also going to explore the impact sound in general has on our lives.  Our guest is sound and communication expert Julian Treasure, whose latest book is called, "How to Be...