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The Overwhelmed Brain

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Jan 31, 2016

If you're a "yes person", you find yourself saying "Yes" to others. However, what you're really doing is saying "No" to yourself. Doing this causes you to reach burn out after a number of years. You get jaded by friends and family taking advantage of your "generosity", all because you're too nice to say no. There's a...

Jan 24, 2016

There are jerks in our lives, at least that's what we tend to call them sometimes, that just never stop getting on our nerves. We hope they act differently, but they never change their ways.

Is there anything we can do? Well, we can open our hearts and see what happens. Scary thought!

And why would we want to open our...

Jan 17, 2016

How can you live with chronic pain? How do you get through the suffering? Is there a path to freedom or is it a never-ending event that will plague you for the rest of your life?

Also, in the Ask Paul segment, I receive a letter from a gay man in his 40s suffering from a deep depression who cannot get a good night's...

Jan 9, 2016

We all have a snapping snapping point and it can change our world when it happens.

I remember the first time I stood up for myself. I was 10.

We had just finished wrestling, as boys tend to do, and I was done... but he wasn't.

I sat at the table, tired and really not interested in wrestling anymore. And he kept saying,...

Jan 3, 2016

Brene Brown said it so eloquently: "Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves, even when we risk disappointing others."

Many years ago, I remember having to disappoint my bosses during my one year anniversary. They brought me in for my evaluation, gave me a promotion, praised me for the...