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Elev8 Your Life with Kristi

Jan 31, 2023

We are one month into the new year. How are your New Year's Resolutions going?  Did you skip making any resolutions or setting any goals altogether?  Are you feeling stuck?  Listen in as we talk about some very wise advice that I was given by one of the gentlemen at the St. John Center for Homeless Men that can help...

Jan 24, 2023

Today is National Compliment Day!  Does receiving compliments make you feel uncomfortable?  If so, you are not alone.  We are talking about both giving and receiving compliments and how to graciously do both.  The world needs more compliments, not criticism, so, join us for today's episode.

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Jan 17, 2023

In today's episode, we are talking about how to become a better thinker.  This isn't about using hokey affirmations or toxic positivity to avoid or mask our thoughts and feelings.  It's about getting curious about how our thoughts create feelings and how feelings lead to action and how to shift your mindset.  

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Jan 10, 2023

If you are heading back to school or know someone who is, listen to today's episode, as my two daughters share how to slay this semester!  My oldest daughter shares some tips for what has helped her to navigate college semsters, and my youngest daughter talks about why last semester was so difficult and what she...

Jan 3, 2023

Feeling blue after the holidays?  Well, you are not alone.  64% of Americans experience the post-holiday blues, and we are going to talk about 6 tools to help you manage them.

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