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The Yarniacs: A Knitting Podcast

Feb 23, 2024

What are we wearing?

Seacoast by Joji Locatelli

Sharlene's Seacoast

No Sweat Shirt by Park Williams

Gayle's No Sweat Shirt


What are we stalking?

Springfield by Annamária Ötvös

Festival of Stitches by Lisa Hannes

FrettyBetty's Festival of Stitches

After Party by Cally Monster

Winter Reflections by Debra Gerhard

Feb 9, 2024

What are we wearing?

Confetti by Veera Valimaki

Sharlene's Confetti

Clio by Elizabeth Doherty

Gayle's Clio

What are we stalking?

Scrap Wrap by Jacqui Verbeek

Granny Square Cardigan by Kaitlin Barthold

Granny Go Round Cardigan by Iron Lamb

Feel the Breeze Shawl by Jennifer Weisman

Dazzle Hat by Katie Osterwald