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The Yarniacs: A Knitting Podcast

Jul 11, 2014

Thanks to those of you who have sent your well-wishes for my recovery. Things are going well and I would like to thank my podcast co-host Gayle for picking up the slack on this episode. :) I was a bit low-energy, though Gayle claims things were fine, but I definitely felt weary by the end of the recording.

Boo (Sharlene's former kitten now cat pictured left) joins us during the review segment.  If you listen closely you can hear him crying to me to open the door right before he jumps up to join us. For Boo fans, here is a photo of him trying to steal my attention away from my show notes. :)

- Sharlene

What are we wearing?
Breezy Cardigan by Hannah Fettig
Sharlene's Breezy
Drifting by Cecily Glowik Macdonald
Gayle's Drifting

What are we stalking?
Tatu by Annamária Ötvös
Let your Heart Unwind by Joji Locatelli
Mochimochi Snowmen by Anna Hrachovec
Hitofude by Hiroko Fukatsu

What are we knitting?
Viajente by Martina Behm
Blanket knit in Dragonfly Fibers Traveler
Raiun by Kirstin Johnstone
... a hint of summer by Isabell Kraemer
Magnolia by Joji Locatelli
Color Craving by Stephen West
Drifting by Cecily Glowik MacDonald

What have we finished?
Modicum Mitts by Rachel Rodin
Gayle's Modicum Mitts
Minikins by Wooly Wormhead
Oh So Soft Baby Washcloths by Theresa Grant
Baby Vertebrae by Kelly Brooker
Gayle's Vertebrae
I was a Teenage Mutant by Alex Tinsley
Gayle Mutant hat

Books we discuss:
Knits That Breathe by Julie Turjoman
Mystic Shawls by Anna Dalvi