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That's Helpful with Ed Stott

Dec 8, 2023

Around this time of year there are so many nostalgic moments. You might sit in them & reminisce about the past, they might even make you feel a little sad but did you know that you could be using them to live a more meaningful life? And have you ever thought about how you can intentionally create more of those moments?

Dec 6, 2023

Christmas is a time of indulgence and excess, but what if finding a more sustainable way to celebrate could actually bring you more joy?

Kate Hall is known as Ethically Kate on Instagram & she’s an activist, blogger & the author of Better, Bolder Different & her mission is to help us to live more sustainably...

Dec 4, 2023

Whether you’ve got a family event, party, christmas gathering or even a date coming up, the fear of the conversation drying up & having no way out is VERY real.

So how do we nail mingling & turn it into a core skill rather than something that brings us out in a cold sweat?

Fear not - I’ve called in the professionals...

Nov 30, 2023

I don’t know about you, but it feels like there’s a direct correlation between how much closer we get to the end of the year & how much time I spend procrastinating… But there's plenty of valuable time left to make the most of, so how can we get on top of our procrastination & maximise what’s left of...

Nov 23, 2023

Everyday you are bombarded with more information than your brain can even comprehend - there is nowhere that is safe from people & organisations trying to influence what you do.

So how can we protect ourselves from this new world of manipulation & make the choices that are right for us, free from influence?