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Alcohol-Free Lifestyle

Oct 30, 2023

Host James Swanwick has lost some visceral fat these past few months focussing on new weight loss techniques. What did he do? How can you implement these techniques into your own life while still feeling full, eating treats and sleeping well. Listen in to find out.

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Oct 28, 2023

Join James Swanwick and two AFL stop-drinking clients, Christian and Evan, in a London restaurant as they discuss life after alcohol. Was there alcohol at this dinner? Listen in to find out.

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Oct 25, 2023

Coach Sarah Connelly shares how she said the words "I'm an alcoholic", even though it felt wrong.

In this episode, she explores where the word came from, what it means, why it's outdated and dangerous and how no one who wants to quit drinking needs to go anywhere near it.

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Oct 23, 2023

Dan Go helps entrepreneurs create a confident & energetic body that supports an amazing life. The CEO of High Performance Founder and married father of two talks about from being embarrassed by his body to the daily habits that made him feel confident about it.

Learn how to sleep better, eat well, move consistently,...

Oct 22, 2023

Like all adults, Project 90 head coach, Victoria, has experienced tough breakups. In her 30's, she found herself slowly being drawn into the "perfect" relationship. Over time, however, it became toxic.

Although she had always identified as an intelligent, independent woman, Victoria couldn't break free. After many...