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Feb 22, 2021

Vitamin D and Cancer

2-3 years ago there were a couple of research studies published called the VITAL study which looked at the the affect of Vitamin D and Omega-3’s on almost 26,000 men and women over 50. All were free from cancer and cardiovascular disease at the start of the study which ran from 2011 until the end...

Feb 16, 2021

Maintaining Your Balance

This podcast is about keeping your balance physically, not emotionally, better known as not falling and hurting yourself. I have a lot of experience with falling, not purposefully, and usually with some resulting bumps, bruises, and once a broken clavicle.

There are a lot of reasons that people...

Feb 9, 2021

The Mediterranean Diet Revisited

The Mediterranean Diet is rated as the best overall and easiest to follow diet by US News & World Report. This diet is meant to be a life-style change – not a quick weight loss diet.

It is an easy diet to stay on as you can eat as much of the recommended food as you want.
 Lots of...

Feb 1, 2021

Do You Have SAD This Winter?

This week’s podcast deals with the issue of Seasonal Affective Disorder - better know as SAD. At this point in time there is no good understanding of the causes of SAD, that makes it very difficult to find solutions for managing it.

SAD is a disorder that occurs during “winter” time...