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May 19, 2023

My guest this week is Fiona Pimentel. Fiona is a coach and we first met in a coaching program that we had both signed up to do. We talked about a variety of subjects all having to do with life, looking for balance in our lives, going through life changes, and finding a new purpose helping others deal with these life issues. 

Fiona has been expanding her coaching from doing 1:1 sessions for women of all ages, to couples counseling, to running programs and online groups. We talked about how women’s and men’s lives are changing and how so much of it depends on how old the women and men are as to what if anything has changed. We also touched a bit on practicing self-love and support. Fiona’s FB Group is Called to Courage (like this episode) if any women are interested in joining the group you can DM Fiona Pimentel directly. 

Also wanted to point out that this is Episode #200 of the Healthy Tips After 50 Podcast!! I want to thank all of you who listen -- leave a comment saying how long you've been listening and what you would like to hear more of!