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Feb 15, 2023

You are so not alone - have you ever wished you had someone to advise you about money. My guest this week is Mikelann Valterra and for over 25 years she has been a thought leader in the field of Financial Psychology. She’s an author, keynote speaker and money coach who helps women transform their relationship with money to create a life they love. 

Mikelann specializes in working with people in midlife because that’s her passion. But money stress and money issues / problems can apply to anyone at any age. So much of what we talked about is applicable to anyone of any gender or age. We also talked about how the few years of Covid changed how people like to communicate. Before a lot of Mikelann’s work was in person, then it changed to Zoom and now it’s still on Zoom even though we’ve come out of Covid people still prefer to meet on Zoom.

There is a lot of interesting info about money, lifestyles, and the different issues people, especially women, have around money. I hope you all enjoy listening to the podcast as much as I did recording it. You can find Mikelann at her website where you can book a free consult call with her and download her free e-book,  -