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Dec 14, 2022


This week's episode is a repeat from Fall of 2021 and I'm repeating it because this is a good time to remind people of how to eat well, stay healthy, and not gain weight during the holidays. I wish everyone happy & healthy holidays and I will return with a new podcast interview after the New Year (or maybe I'll do one next week all by myself).

My interview guest is Robert Davis, Ph.D., also known as The Healthy Skeptic. Robert is an award-winning journalist whose latest book is “Supersized Lies”, How myths about weight loss are keeping us fat - and the truth about what really works.

We had a very interesting conversation about dieting, food, and individual health and how trying to follow the many diet plans out in the media can be confusing and in the long run a waste of our time and money.

This podcast is one of the most valuable you can listen to, especially if you have bought too many diet books and still not found a a diet that works for you. Robert’s website is where you can check out his videos and books.