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Sep 7, 2022

***Let me apologize for my bad sound on this podcast but you can hear my guest just fine - which is much more important. The video sound is better but still not as good as usual. 

Raiya Iverson is a Doula (trained companion) for Birth, Death and Everything in Between... but her specialty is End of Life. She also teaches and certifies others to be End of Life Doulas and recently started a venture with a partner to hire Doulas and pair them with families in need in Utah. We had a wonderful conversation about the end of life process - how it is possible to make it easier and more supportive, easing the fear and the transition.

We had such a lovely conversation and I hope to have Raiya back on the podcast in the near future as there was so much to talk about and not enough time. I’m sure you will enjoy the show as much as I enjoyed doing it! If you are interested in learning more you can contact Raiya at