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Oct 18, 2022

Rick Olderman is a licensed sports and orthopedic physical therapist with more than 25 years experience. Rick specializes in helping people with chronic pain experience and live a pain-free life. After going into private practice Rick had the realization that orthopedic problems were not one-off issues but instead are a part of an overall system. That led him to create a Systems approach to helping his patients which has resulted in a more integrated and successful program creating better health and fitness. There are some explanations of what he is talking about that are even better understood if you watch the video version so check out YouTube, FB and my website where the videos are available.

Go to Rick’s website ( to watch a short video that explains his System way of working. There is also information about the different parts of his System as well as multiple programs that he has developed for specific problem areas. If you use the code “fixingyou” when you purchase a program you’ll receive 20% off the purchase price and immediate access to stream and/or download.

Rick's new book has been published, it provides an easy way to learn his system of healing specific issues. You can order the book, Solving the Pain Puzzle, now on Amazon at this link: